Release Notes

Sisimai 5.0.2


Sisimai 5.0.2 has been released! The main changes in this update are the fix for a bug that prevented the original recipient address from being retrieved from bounced emails that were forwarded to Google or another provider, and the resumption of JRuby support in the Ruby version of Sisimai.

Changes specific to the Perl version of Sisimai are indicated by Perl at the beginning of each item, and changes specific to the Ruby version of Sisimai are indicated by Ruby. And then, Sisimai 5 includes many changes that are not compatible with Version 4, so please check the Perl or Ruby version of your environment before installing or upgrading.


  • Ruby Sisimai 5 works on JRuby again. Thanks to @hiroyuki-sato #267 #271
    • Implement workarounds at Sisimai::Fact and some public tests with DateTime class to run Sisimai on JRuby, to avoid failing strptime(). #159
    • Replace Array#append with Array#push at Sisimai::RFC5322 because Array#append is only available in Ruby 2.5 and above #269
    • We have started testing JRuby 9.2 and 9.4 on GitHub Actions
    • Disable 2 tests in test/public/mail-test.rb that fails on GitHub Actions only.
  • Perl Fixed an issue where constant initialization would fail on Perl 5.26
  • Migrate the CI from TravisCI to GitHub Actions #507
  • 5.7.23 returned from Office365 is an error related to SPF vilation (authfailure)
  • Fixed an issue that Sisimai could not get the value of alias address correctly when an email forwarded and bounced. #508 #272
  • The received() method of Sisimai::RFC5322 now returns a list including all the elements except date time and (comments) found in the Received header
  • Update the error message patterns in Sisimai::Rhost::Mimecast
  • Update the error message patterns in the followings: