Release Notes

This page contains the release notes for both the Perl and Ruby versions of Sisimai 5.0.0 and later. For release notes up to Sisimai 4.25.16, please visit

Latest v5

The latest version of the current 5 series is Sisimai 5.0.2, released on Wednesday, 13th March 2024. It can be downloaded from GitHub, CPAN, and RubyGems.


Breaking Changes

There are many breaking changes in Sisimai 5. It is important to review the changes before installing version 5 to ensure a smooth transition and to avoid any potential issues.


v4 Final

The final version of the previous 4 series is Sisimai 4.25.16p1. The patch level 1 of v4.25.16 and later versions can be downloaded from only GitHub.


List of Releases

Date Version Breaking Changes New Features
Tiny Improvement Bug Fixes
2024/03/13 Wed. v5.0.2
2024/03/03 Sun. v5.0.1
2024/02/02 Fri. v5.0.0
2024/02/01 Thu. v4.25.16p1 Perl Ruby
2023/05/16 Tue. v4.25.16 Perl Ruby