Release Notes

Sisimai 5.1.0


Sisimai 5.1.0 has been released. The main changes in this version are the complete removal of v4 compatibility features, DMA: DragonFly Mail Agent bounce email support, and the update of error codes for Yahoo Inc. and others.

Changes specific to the Perl version of Sisimai are indicated by Perl at the beginning of each item, and changes specific to the Ruby version of Sisimai are indicated by Ruby.

And then, Sisimai 5 includes many changes that are not compatible with Version 4, so please check the Perl or Ruby version of your environment before installing or upgrading.


  • Features compatible with Sisimai 4 have been removed completely #531 #535 #297 #300
    • make method of Sisimai class has been removed
    • softbounce method of Sisimai::Fact class has been removed
  • Implement Sisimai::Lhost::DragonFly class for decoding a bounce mail generated by DMA: DragonFly Mail Agent #478 #526 #292 #293
    • 30 bounce mails generated by DMA have been added as a sample lhost-dragonfly-*.eml
  • Consolidate error messages scattered under Sisimai::Reason into Sisimai::Rhost classes for each email service #523 #288 #289
    • Update error message patterns defined in Sisimai::Rhost::YahooInc class, and (y! Sender Hub) added 3 bounce mails as a sample(rhost-yahooinc-*.eml)
    • Update error message patterns defined in Sisimai::Rhost::Apple(iCloud Mail), and added 4 bounce mails as a sample(rhost-apple-*.eml)
  • Sisimai::Rhost improvements #524 #525 #529 #290 #291 #295
    • Error message patterns defined in the following classes of
    • Sisimai::Rhost updated
      • Sisimai::Rhost::Cox
      • Sisimai::Rhost::FrancePTT
      • Sisimai::Rhost::GoDaddy
      • Sisimai::Rhost::Mimecast
      • Sisimai::Rhost::Spectrum
      • Sisimai::Rhost::Tencent
    • Each error message should be compared with the lowercased string
    • Follow any updates of the SMTP error code and message list in each email services related to AuthFailure, BadReputation, RequirePTR, and other error reasons added at Sisimai 5
    • No longer needed method match of Sisimai::Rhost class has been removed
  • Added 8 sample emails (lhost-opensmtpd-1[0-7].eml) generated by OpenSMTPD 6.8.0p2 #339 #530 #296
  • Added 9 sample emails (lhost-qmail-1[1-9].eml) generated by notqmail #331 #532 #298
  • Added 6 sample emails (lhost-qmail-2[0-5].eml) generated by indimail 3.0.7 #209 #220 #533 #299
  • PerlSisimai works on Perl 5.40.0
  • RubySisimai works on Ruby 3.3.3